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Many would say that the entertainment industry today could be likened to a desert:  dry, full of hot air, and lacking the elements necessary to inspire or sustain anything that resembles “growth”.  A time where the songs on the radio sound so similar that you can only identify the song’s end by commercial breaks.

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repo utvs During these perilous droughts of talent and originality, it is refreshing to know that there is an oasis; one that offers waves of new talent to wash out the Industry’s propensity to duplicate what’s already hot.  An oasis who feels that it is necessary to keep entertainment moving in a “progressive” direction for the sake of saving and educating the youth.  An oasis who accredits his vision and longevity to God, his family, humility, and the profound quality of being “fair”.  This oasis is no other than, Bo “The Bodacious One” Sampson.

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